Is My Roof Right?

Determining whether solar makes sense…

Weather Considerations

Of course San Diego has to be perfect for solar. But how’s my neighborhood?

The answer to this question is “Surprisingly good.”

California The solar potential of any community is defined by the number of hours per day that are as good as Orange, CA at noon, the city that analysts have decided has the best weather in California for solar. Over the course of a year, Orange has an average of 5.8 hours of optimal weather per day. That may seem surprisingly low, but this number is the number of noontime equivalents — a perfectly sunny 9-hour day might calculate to 5 hours of midday sun. What’s interesting is areas we think of as much less sunny aren’t really that different:

City Peak Sun Hours
Bakersfield 5.7
Dillon Beach 5.2
Fresno 5.7
Los Angeles 5.6
Novato 5.5
Orange 5.8
Pacifica 5.5
Petaluma 5.5
San Diego 5.7
San Francisco 5.4
San Rafael 5.7
Santa Rosa 5.5

Bottom line: Solar makes sense in PG&E territory.

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